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Canty Finally Off Injury List

Mr. P

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Defensive tackle Chris Canty finally off NY Giants' injury report


by Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger

Wednesday September 09, 2009, 11:32 AM

Chris Faytok/The Star-Ledger


Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty (hamstring) was not on the pre-practice injury report Wednesday morning after missing most of training camp and returning to full practice only this week.


"We're going to build (the injury report) up as we go and see how he is," coach Tom Coughlin said. "If it makes you feel better, I'll put him on there."


The Giants will monitor Canty's progress during practice, which has just begun.


"We've got to watch this, obviously," Coughlin said. "Anybody who's done as little as he's done in the preseason, you have to be careful."


CB Aaron Ross (hamstring) will not practice. Coughlin said he's "day-by-day."


CB Kevin Dockery also won't practice because of a hamstring injury. Coughlin said the team is just using precaution with Dockery.


OL Adam Koets (ankle) and LB Clint Sintim (groin) are also on the list. We'll see how much they do.


Source: The Star-Ledger

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Fuckin everyones injured. <_<


Isn't that always the case 3 days before the first game? Yet they're all ready on gameday? It's a matter of a team trying to be cautious by letting the stupidest and smallest of "injuries" heal.

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I hope he's as good as people think, but I'd swap Alford for Canty in a heartbeat.


I'll second that.


I'm not sold on Canty, his huge salary (bigger than Tuck and Osi), and his whopping ZERO Pro Bowl appearances at all.


Why are we giving millions to a RUN STOPPING DT?

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