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Give Jeter a rest!


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Now, before it's too late. The hell with Gehrig's hit record. He's got plenty of time to catch him later, or even next year. Who cares? Look what happened to Michael Young. It's what happens to guys that are on base all the time. All we need for Jeter to pull a hammy, or worse yet, a quad. I remember Bernie coming up lame every time he was deep in a hot streak.

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Proving once again that great pitching trumps all.

No doubt is was Halladay's pitching and not the fact that Jeter was sitting out the game. In my opinion, Yankees rested Jeter so that they could be assured he breaks Lou's record at Yankee stadium. Even if he played the game, he would still be at home (most likely) when he breaks the record because starting today, the Yanks are at home for eleven straight days. And the seats are selling like hotcakes because everyone wants to witness history. A little delay in Jeter's record breaking milestone means a few more million in revenue. Just my opinion.

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