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2009 World Series Champions


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Yeah, Im saying it now. Suck it. The Yankees are winning it all this year.

i hope you're right. But I doubt it. The Angels always seem to have our number and I have a funny feeling we'll play them in the playoffs.


BTW...join our Fantasy football league.

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As long as Burnett can keep pitching like he has been and Joba keeps it up they have a good shot. It would be nice if Mitre can do a little better but I wouldn't like to see any move to get Arroyo. I can stick with Mitre rather than give up prospects for Arroyo.

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Arroyo sucks...Mitre sucks as well. But they might as well throw Mitre out there every5th day if theyre considering Arroyo.


Washburn in another guy Ive heard rumblings about...and he is another guy I want nothing to do with. He sucks, I dont car what his numbers look like thus far, he would get shellacked in the AL Beast.


If the Yankees are going to trade for a Seattle pitcher and give up prospects, Id go after Brandon Morrow, but I doubt he is available. Thee really isnt anyone out there that Id be willing to trade for other than Halladega Nights....and Im not sure Id give the farm away for him. The Yankees really dont need him.


I wonder if Santana would become avaikable. If I were him, Id pull a Manny and demand a trade :D

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