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If I told you ....


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the Mets would lose Delgado, Reyes, Beltran, Putz and Maine and get nothing out of Ollie Perez all year and on July 4th were still only 1.5 games out would you have asked me what type of drugs I use or figured I went completely dellusional?


How about if I said the Mets would lose a game on a 27th dropped out pop up to the Yanks, would lose a game because a guy did not touch 3rd base and would lose when a guy decides for some reason not to slide into home?


Think about it, all the bullshit and this mess of a team is 1.5 out as of the start of tonights Phils game.



I think here is what we know....they need Perez and Maine to be what they can be, Nieve and Redding are ok, but they are what they are. We need these guys back and we need them good, particularly Perez.


They need 2 of the big 3 out back and back 100%, we are talking perennial all stars here. The role players have played admirably, but these are big guns, they need 2 of them back and probably all 3 at some point to really have a chance.


Things could be worse.


My prediction they win 2 of 3 in Philly and wake up Monday morning right in the thick of things 1 week away from the AS break and hopefully some good health on the horizon and a deal or two to be made.

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I can't agree more. The Mets now one game back with Florida moving in with a tie for first. If they can hold their own for the next few weeks/month, they are going to be in good shape with Beltran, Reyes, Putz, Wagner, Perez and Maine coming back and maybe Delgado before the end of the year. I do believe they still need to make a move for pitching. I would like to see them make a move for an experienced left handed reliever.


The Giants are going to be very dangerous if they make the playoffs. That one-two punch is going to be very hard for any team playing against them in a short series.

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Yep, three runs is too much to overcome after the second inning with this team. This from Metsblog, there is not much hope.


Carlos Beltran is riding a stationary bike, he is working in the pool, and will obviously not play in the all star game.


He is still feeling pain in his knee, and will need to play rehab games before the team has a timeline for his return.


Jose Reyes was back in NYC today to get a cortisone shot, and will now wait for that to take affect.


“Hopefully,” Minaya said, “this will get him started again,” and, “alleviate discomfort.”


Reyes’s biggest hurdle is “acceleration,” be it moving to get a ground ball or run hard around the bases.

John Maine threw from flat ground today, and will do so again in a few days.


Fernando Martinez had an MRI, which showed swelling in his right knee, but that has disappaited and he is able to play in tonight’s game.


JJ Putz is still rehabbing, but not throwing yet.

Billy Wagner is throwing to live hitters and is “coming along good,” though the team is still projecting a late-August, early-September return.


In the end, Minaya said Delgado is still looking at returning around August 15, or “in that range,” ad he hopes to see the other guys, including Maine, back before that.


Frankly, having watched Minaya in person, listening and watching his body language, I think I’m going to switch gears and assume none of these players are coming back this season, or at least not for a while.

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