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QB Corps ranking...Giants at #17


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I understand that Carr does not have a stellar resume but I think the time off was a god send to him. He played darn well in the second half of the Minny game last December and he was running the full package, not just handing the ball off.



he really played well. He looked very sharp.


I believe he would be fine. Our O line would protect him well.

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I don't know about this. David Carr could be an potential all pro on a real team with a real line and RBs.....solid WRs

who knows.....he has never had that


Eli while spotty can be awfully good when he's "on"


I would say Eli is top ten.......as a combo they are amongst the best two in the league


this list is someone's biased opinion.....but opinion are like "XXX" everyone's entitled to one.

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