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You cannot get angry


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Give me all the big names you want to sign, when you have a minor league system that outside of Wright and Reyes has not produced a decent player(unless you want to count Jason Bay?) in 20 years what can you expect when 3 of your 4 top players are hurt?


This is an idictment of the team top to bottom and one has to wonder what the Wilpons spend on scouting in relation to other teams.


Bottom line you can spend like the Red Sox and Yanks and Phils, but when you spend like the bottoms feeders on scouting eventually it will show. Can you imagine ANY other MLB team even having Argenis Reyes in AA?

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Don't the Mets spend a great deal on scouting? Particularly in Latin America? I thought they were one of the leading teams as far as establishing relationships with the young talent in places like the Dominican and Puerto Rico, as well as South America.


Some of the talent has been traded away, too. Although Gomez and Humber have not proven to be good major leaguers. Deolis Guerra has struggled in Single A, but Mulvey has been doing pretty decent in AAA. Overall, we did not give up much for Santana at all.


I agree with the pretense of what you are saying. And I am not angry right now. I'm just hoping they can battle it out and play somewhat near .500 ball until at least Beltran and Reyes get back. It would also be nice to get SOMETHING out of Ollie Perez this year if he can work things out, and that is the ever-present 'IF' attached to Ollie, isn't it?



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Do you know that the Mets, in this juiced ball, juiced player, watered down pitching era have not had a corner outfielder produce a 100 rbi season since Bernard Gilkey in 1996?


Yes the Mets spend money on latin scouting, but how good has it been? Outside Reyes has it really paid off? Obviously the jury if still out on Fmart, but one thing I will say the organization seems to not stress is fundamentals, watching a 20 year old kid not run out a pop up is mind boggling to me on any level.


Nonetheless it would be nice to stay at .500, but sadly this team just cannot compete day in and day out with this roster.

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