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Countdown To Opening Day....

Plax 4 Prez

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I'm so exicted... we can't start off slow... the first half of the season will depict our whole season, in my mind... time to see what are division rivals are also against... well we all know the Nationals play us, but the rest of our division looks like this: The Braves will be playing 3 road games vs the Dodgers... but also have 4 road games vs the SF Giants... so thier first 7 games are on the road...The Marlins play 3 road games vs the Houston Astros and after that have 3 road games against us, which makes thier first 6 games on the road...Philadelphia has 6 home games to start vs the Cardinals and the Dodgers... and the Nationals play us on the road for them 3 games then on the road 3 games vs the Astros... We have a chance to take advantage of this shit early because our first 6 games are at home vs division rivals...Go Mets... the countdown begins!!

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