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Mini-Camp Day 2 Reports

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Coughlin: Moss to Miss Rest of Mini Camp


Just a quick note: WR Sinorice Moss is going to miss the rest of the mini camp with his hamstring injury according to head coach Tom Coughlin. We're about to head to the locker room in a few minutes and then over to the presser announcing the new partnership with Timex, so I'll have an update for you a little later on today from the morning practice.



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June 17, 2009

Sinorice Moss out for rest of camp


Sinorice Moss, who strained his hamstring during the final drill of Tuesday’s afternoon practice, will remain on the sidelines for the rest of this three-day mini-camp.


That’s big blow for the 5-8 receiver who had become the star of the Giants’ spring practices. His first three years in the NFL were ruined by an assortment of injuries. Now, just as he was starting to get serious practice reps, the timing couldn’t be worse for him to get injured again.


“It’s unfortunate,” Tom Coughlin said. “He was getting a lot of snaps and was doing something with them.”


Moss isn’t alone on the sidelines, of course. And Coughlin expressed his frustration in general with the number of injuries currently plaguing the Giants. Today, there were 13 players not participating: Moss (hamstring), CB Corey Webster (shoulder), TE Travis Beckum (hamstring), LB Chase Blackburn (hamstring), CB Kevin Dockery (unknown), WR David Tyree (hamstring), DT Rocky Bernard (shoulder), DT Fred Robbins (knee), DT Barry Cofield (knee), OT William Beatty (hamstring), WR Taye Biddle (finger), TE Lee Vickers (unknown), and LB Clint Sintim (hamstring).


On the bright side, CB Aaron Ross (ankle) was back at work after missing the practice on Tuesday afternoon.


More on the morning session after the open locker room …




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New York Giants wide receiver Sinorice Moss out for the rest of minicamp

by Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger

Wednesday June 17, 2009, 12:55 PM


Running back Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants took the field for the second day of minicamp on Wednesday.


Here's your morning practice report for the second day of mandatory minicamp:



How about we talk about the guys who actually were practicing? That might be quicker.


Seriously, though, there were a lot of guys out with what Tom Coughlin calls "soft-tissue" injuries. WR Sinorice Moss, who strained his hamstring Tuesday morning, was one of them. He's out for the rest of minicamp. Moss said it's not serious and won't linger into training camp.


"It frustrates me, but maybe I just need to rest my legs," Moss said.


Said Coughlin, "It's unfortunate it's going to keep him out. He was getting a lot of snaps and he was doing something with them."


Also joining the ranks of the injured were: CB Kevin Dockery and rookie RB Andre Brown. It's unclear what their ailments are.


Still out of action were: DTs Fred Robbins (knee), Barry Cofield (knee) and Rocky Bernard (shoulder), CB Corey Webster (shoulder), LBs Chase Blackburn (hamstring) and Clint Sintim (hamstring), TEs Travis Beckum (hamstring) and Lee Vickers (N/A), WRs David Tyree (hamstring) and Taye Biddle (finger) and OT William Beatty (hamstring).


"There are different degrees of strains, but we've been looking at a couple of young guys that have been out forever," Coughlin said. "Why they're not progressing to the point they can come back ... ? Part of it is because there's such a short window to work with them and when they miss that amount of time it hurts them."


I do come baring some good injury news, though: CB Aaron Ross (ankle) practiced.



We were standing behind the defense for team drills, so it was a good vantage point to see some routes from the safeties' perspective. One of the better ones was an early deep in cut by WR Domenik Hixon. QB Eli Manning saw the gap between Ross and the safety to that side, and he threw a perfect ball in there as soon as Hixon made his break. Manning later threw a similar ball on an in cut by WR Mario Manningham.


Hixon had a real nice session, catching plenty of balls in that Cover-2 Bermuda Triangle between the LB, CB and S.


Somebody left LB Antonio Pierce unblocked for a stop in the backfield on a counter run by RB Danny Ware.


DE Osi Umenyiora put a spin move on OT Orrin Thompson for a sack. It wasn't even fair. Umenyiora's knee looked fine on that play and on the next one when he used a swim move to get inside OT Terrance Pennington. Also not a fair matchup.



WR Derek Hagan is making a push to be mentioned as a dark-horse candidate to make the roster. Wednesday, he got behind CB DeAndre Wright for a deep ball from QB David Carr, who flung the pass while on the run to the right. Looked like S Travonti Johnson could have provided help up top, but he got caught low.


Carr struggled a bit this morning, firing high of WR Hakeem Nicks and TE George Wrighster in the same series.


Earlier, Wrighster went high to grab a sideline out from QB Rhett Bomar. Wrighster ran a good route away from S Sha'reff Rashad, who tried in vain to get over there. Maybe we'll read about it later on Wrighster's ever-entertaining Twitter page.


Speaking of entertaining, Wrighster bobbled a short ball over the middle in 7-on-7 passing drills and actually knocked it over LB Gerris Wilkinson's head as the two were flailing for it. Standing behind Wilkinson was RB Ahmad Bradshaw, who grabbed the ball and took off upfield.


Give CB Terrell Thomas a pass defensed on a deep fade from QB Andre' Woodson to Nicks. Thomas, who was underneath Nicks on the route, didn't look back for the ball but was still able to knock it away.


DT Jay Alford beat G Chris Snee to stop RB Brandon Jacobs in the backfield. Alford then got mobbed by his defensive teammates, which is apparently a good thing and their way of celebrating.


Nice job by G Tutan Reyes of getting upfield to seal off LB Kelvin Smith on a well-executed screen pass to Ware.


There haven't been many INTs in camp so far. Actually, I'm not sure there have been any now that I think about it. Well, now there has been. S C.C. Brown picked off a ball from Manning for Hixon on a play-action hook in the end zone. Either Hixon ran too deep of a route or Manning threw to the wrong spot because it was an ugly little play.



If you give Nicks a little bit of room while trying to jam him, he's going to beat you. Nicks got off the line easily on a few plays, including one when CB Stoney Woodson tried to get his hands on him at the snap. Nicks gave a quick stutter and juked left, leaving Woodson stuck in the mud.


Later, Nicks was WIDE OPEN behind S Sha'reff Rashad on a flag. I mean, WIDE OPEN. So open he could have had a coffee and donut while waiting for QB Rhett Bomar's underthrown ball. The lofted ball allowed Rashad to recover and throw his arms in front of Nicks' hands. But amazingly, Nicks stayed focused on the ball and made a heckuva catch.


Best ball of the morning was a deep go from Andre' Woodson to WR Shaun Bodiford down the left sideline. CB Vince Anderson peeked back toward Woodson and that was enough to allow Bodiford to get deep. Safeties coach David Merritt reminded Anderson to stay "on top of the route," meaning he should always be deeper than the receiver if he doesn't have help up top. "If he's even, he's leavin'," Merritt yelled at Anderson.


It was a very good practice for Andre' Woodson, who threw a perfect deep ball for Hixon past Ross. Woodson's passes down the field caught Coughlin's attention.


WR Ramses Barden had a nice diving catch on a deep slant from QB Rhett Bomar. This came one play after Barden reached for a ball on a quick out then pulled back, thinking the ball wasn't intended for him. Heck, even if it's not, grab it.


I mentioned the angle of being behind the safeties and how it allowed for a good defensive perspective. One of the best plays for that was a cutback run by Bradshaw, who started left and then cut right. I watched Rashad on the play to see how he would react. He stayed home. Good move because Bradshaw came back left and Rashad was there to make the stop, earning praise from secondary coach Peter Giunta. Rashad's run-stopping ability was impressive during rookie camp and he still looks solid in that department.


LB Kenny Ingram received praise from his teammates for defending a pass intended for TD Darcy Johnson, but I had a better angle than them and I saw Ingram holding Johnson's jersey.


And finally, one personnel note concerning S Michael Johnson. If you recall, Johnson spent a lot of time down low as a pseudo-LB in the nickel package last season. Johnson said Tuesday he will likely be playing deep at the normal safety position this year, so he'll be in coverage for a lot of deep balls like he was for much of his rookie season in '07.





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Tree and Seph made a dollar bet on Moss' position on the team. I believe Seph bet that Moss would be 4th wr or higher.



I hope he recovers quickly, this sucks.


hahah i seee.


yeah i hope he recovers too, i had almost given up on him but hes been getting alot of praise this offseason.

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June 17 Mini Camp Practice Report: AM


Sorry this is a little late, but I was at the press conference announcing the Giants partnership with Timex. Anyway, here are some notes from the morning practice.


Not working today were Rocky Bernard, David Tyree, Chase Blackburn, Taye Biddle, Kevin Dockery, Corey Webster, Fred Robbins, Barry Cofield, Sinorice Moss, Clint Sintim, Lee Vickers, Travis Beckum, Anthony Bryant, Will Beatty and Andre Brown. Moss, as I mentioned in an earlier note, is going to miss the rest of mini camp with a hamstring issue. Not sure what Dockery’s injury was, but he did say he’ll be back and that Giants fans can look forward to seeing him make plays this summer.


* Going on to the 11-on-11 drills, Eli Manning handed off to Brandon Jacobs, who took it outside and beat Michael Boley and Michael Johnson, who were hot in pursuit.


* Domenik Hixon did a nice job of fighting off a slight jam and beating double coverage to make a catch despite having Kenny Phillips breathing down his back.


* David Carr rolled out and connected with Derek Hagan, who did a perfect job of slowing down and adjusting his route to come back for the ball. The pass went for bout 30 yards.


* Good job by Ramses Barden to make a catch on a comeback route. He adjusted perfectly to the ball that was whipped to him by Andre Woodson.


* Free agent RB Allen Patrick, who at times showed some quickness and burst, didn’t look so quick on an outside run. Facing a wall of defenders, he suddenly began to look jittery as he tried to find an opening.


* Woodson threw a deep wobbler to Shaun Bodiford, who made the reception along the sideline for a 45-yard gain.


* Beautiful leaping catch by TE George Wrighster, who came up with a 20 yard gain despite traffic.


* In a seven-on-seven drill, David Carr’spass intended for Wrighster was tipped by Gerris Wilkinson. However, Ahmad Bradshaw came down with the reception, greeted by cheer from his teammates.


* Domenik Hixon looked like an all-Pro on a 45-yard fly pattern in which he split the coverage of Aaron Ross and Kenny Phillipsand made the reception. Hixon picked up about 15 yards after the catch for what was an impressive play in the series.


* Great job by Ramses Bardenwho made a diving catch to hang onto a ball for a 20-yard gain. Barden’s long body really helped him out here as he initially overran the route and had to dive to keep the ball from hitting the ground.


* Back to 11-on-11s. Nice job by Zak DeOssie on a pass thrown to Michael Matthews to limit the tight end from picking up a large gain.


* Ahmad Bradshaw looked a little awkward on a cutback. I couldn’t tell if his feet came out from under him or if he was tripped up though.


* David Carr picked up about eight yards on a keeper which fooled half the defense. A couple of plays later, Carr misfired on a pass intended for Hakeem Nicks who had Antonio Pierce breathing down his back.


* Oops! Terrell Thomas was guilty of pass interference as he didn’t turn around when defending a pass thrown by Andre Woodson that was intended for Nicks.


* Michael Matthews nearly dropped a pass that was right in his hands. You could hear the ball hit his hands with a loud thump.


* Ledger Douzable didn’t earn any points with the coaches when he jumped off side and forced the play to be whistled dead.


* Beautiful pass by Rhett Bomar to Hakeem Nicks as Sha’reff Rashad tried to swat it away. The reception went for close to 50 yards.


* Moving onto the red zone drills, which to my eyes were very sloppy from an offensive perspective, the only plays of note were a Bradshaw run behind a Madison Hedgecock lead “block” and a “sack” by Osi Umenyiora, who beat Orrin Thompson.



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June 17, 2009

Injuries beginning to irk Coughlin


The fact that there were 14 players on the sidelines nursing injuries at mini-camp practice this morning was probably enough to tick off Tom Coughlin. But it was the fact that four of them were rookies that really put him over the edge.


“We’ve been looking at a couple of young guys, for example, that have been out forever,” Coughlin said after the morning practice. “Why they’re not progressing to the point that they can come back … part of it is because there’s such a short window to work with them, and when they miss that amount of time, it hurts them. And I told them this morning again, this is the third time that they will have repeated the basic stuff. By that third time a lot of it starts sinking in. The guys that have not participated, they don’t have the pressure on them to perform, and it’s not as good as it could be.”


Coughlin didn’t name names, but the “couple of young guys” were likely TE Travis Beckum and LB Clint Sintim, who both suffered hamstring pulls during rookie camp last month and were sidelined for most (if not all) of the organized team activity (OTA) practices. They are now joined on the sidelines by OT William Beatty (hamstring) and RB Andre Brown (unknown).


Those four rookies - - all of whom were drafted - - were joined by a small army of veterans, too (you can see the full list here). And that list includes three of the four defensive tackles who are expected to play key roles along the defensive line.


Considering DE Osi Umenyiora (knee) isn’t quite ready for two-a-days yet, that means four key defensive linemen are hobbled this camp - - an alarming fact, considering all the hype from the offseason about how much the Giants bolstered their pass rush. For what it’s worth, though, the players on the line don’t seem worried at all.


“We’re not in pads, so this is probably not the biggest time of year for us,” said DT Barry Cofield. “But we all want to be out there. We’re all getting healthy and we’ll probably be all out there in training camp, and that’s all anyone cares about.”


Cofield’s rehab gets “intense”


Cofield looked good and even a little fast doing some running on the side this morning. In fact, he said, his running “has been pretty intense all week.” He also thinks he hasn’t missed much at all by not being on the field with his teammates.


“I don’t feel like I’m taking a step back,” he said. “I’m getting stronger, and maybe if we get my knee healthy I’ll have two strong legs, unlike last year.”


Moss not worried about hammy


WR Sinorice Moss is trying his best to stay positive in the wake of yet another injury, but it’s hard not to see him gritting his teeth through his smile.


“It frustrates me, but maybe I just need to rest my legs,” he said, “I’m trying to stay positive about the situation.”


The situation, as you know, is that Moss is out of the rest of mini-camp with a pulled hamstring. It looked bad when he got up and slammed his helmet to the ground yesterday afternoon before heading straight to the trainer. But he said the injury really isn’t that bad at all.


“It’s not that serious at all,” he said. “I’m just frustrated that I felt something. It’s been a while since I felt any injury in my leg.”


“It’s unfortunate,” Coughlin added. “He was getting a lot of snaps and he was doing something with them.”


Morning highlights


The Giants spent the morning working mostly on running plays and their short passing game, which limits the highlights a little. But there were a few plays that stood out:


• Nice heads-up play by RB Ahmad Bradshaw, after LB Bryan Kehl knocked a ball out of TE George Wrighster’s hands. Bradshaw pulled the loose ball out of the air and continued the play.


• WR Domenik Hixon flashed his speed by beating speedy CB Aaron Ross deep, which isn’t so easy, for a big catch.


• WR Ramses Barden made a great catch on a short crossing route. The ball was low, so he had to get his 6-6 frame pretty close to the ground to make the catch.


• DE Osi Umenyiora and LB Michael Boley could be a dangerous blitz combo. They got in so quick on one play that QB David Carr was forced to throw while he was still backpedalling.


• Every day it seems there’s a Hakeem Nicks highlight. This one came on a deep ball, where he had to slow down and wait for a Rhett Bomar pass to reach him. That allowed S Sha-reff Rashad to catch up. Rashad never looked back at the ball, but he was able to get his hands in Nicks’ face. Didn’t matter, though. Nicks still caught the ball. The kid has some impressive concentration.



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Wide receiver Mario Manningham's circus catch highlights New York Giants minicamp practice

by Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger

Wednesday June 17, 2009, 3:43 PM


Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham made a highlight-reel catch off the foot of a defender Wednesday afternoon.


Your afternoon practice report, which includes an incredible catch by WR Mario Manningham (see the first item in "The Young Guys") for the second day of minicamp:



CB Corey Webster (shoulder) did some individual work but was held out of the team portion of practice.


Everybody else was still out: DTs Fred Robbins (knee), Barry Cofield (knee) and Rocky Bernard (shoulder), CB Kevin Dockery (N/A), LBs Chase Blackburn (hamstring) and Clint Sintim (hamstring), TEs Travis Beckum (hamstring) and Lee Vickers (N/A), WRs Sinorice Moss (hamstring) David Tyree (hamstring) and Taye Biddle (finger), RB Andre Brown (N/A) and OT William Beatty (hamstring).



WR Steve Smith was hard on himself after Wednesday morning's practice, telling QB Eli Manning in the locker room he had too many mental errors. "I should be fined for all those mistakes," Smith told Manning. (Careful saying that around these parts, Steve. It'll happen.) Well, Wednesday afternoon, on the first play of team drills, he sat down in the short zone and caught a dump-off from Manning. "That was a real nice job, Steve," offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said.


That one looked like a pretty simple play, but there's no doubt how hard the one Smith made later in practice was. During red zone drills, he ran a post to the back of the end zone. Smith stuttered just a bit at the break in his route to freeze CB Aaron Ross and then made the diving catch while tapping his toes in bounds on his way out of the back of the end zone.


WR Domenik Hixon got deep on a play-action post and made a great fingertip catch on a ball from Manning. CB Rashad Barksdale and S Kenny Phillips were in coverage. Later in practice, Hixon made a good-looking, spinning catch on a ball delivered behind him. But maybe his best catch was on a wind-blown punt. Hixon adjusted, stayed with it and got in good position to catch the kick and move forward.


Good coverage by the starting nickel defense in red zone drills. On one play, Manning was forced to throw a ball away. On the next, Phillips was right there to stop Smith as soon as he caught the ball, earning Phillips props from coach Tom Coughlin.



QB David Carr made a good throw on the run Wednesday morning and added another one in the afternoon. Carr was escaping right and threw across his body to find WR Hakeem Nicks over the middle. It was a bit low, so give Nicks credit for hanging on and finishing the play. Of course, the play would have been dead in a real game once LB Bryan Kehl finished his sack of Carr.


But when Carr was firmly planted during red-zone drills, he fired way high of his target on one play. The next pass was a dump-off after he couldn't find a receiver. And in the second round of red-zone drills, he fired way high of an open Smith.


Carr and C Adam Koets had a fumbled exchange that didn't make Coughlin happy. What really angered the coach was the shotgun snap that rolled back toward Carr. "Koets, the ball is on the gound! Let's go!" Coughlin yelled. Koets continues to try to eliminate these fumbles.


WR Derek Hagan continues to impress. He caught a flag behind S Steve Cargile and S Sha'reff Rashad to the left side. Great throw by QB Rhett Bomar to the top side of Hagan's route.


Whoops, Hagan just dropped a ball over the middle. Eh, he's allowed one. As long as it doesn't continue for a guy that's had issues catching the ball in his career.


TE Michael Matthews ran a 10-yard in route and had the ball from QB Andre' Woodson right in his grasp. But he let it out for a drop that drew a few groans from the sideline.


DE Dave Tollefson and TE Darcy Johnson got tied up after a play. The next thing you know, tempers were flaring and fists were flying. Johnson got a quick nudge in before their teammates tried breaking it up. As they were being separated, Tollefson reached under and gave Johnson a quick, short uppercut pop to the chin. (First fight of camp and G Rich Seubert wasn't involved??? Can you believe that???)



I mentioned toward the end of camp last year Manningham has shown an ability to make heady plays. Well, he made another terrific one Wednesday. On a deep go down the left sideline, Manningham had a step on Barksdale. The ball from Manning was slightly underthrown and Barksdale had a shot at an interception. But it glanced off his hands and then off his foot as he was falling. Manningham was standing there and waiting for the deflection, so he grabbed it and ran. What a play.


Good recognition of a screen pass by CB Terrell Thomas, who came flying up with LB Danny Clark to make a stop of RB Brandon Jacobs. (We'll assume the tackle since it's a non-contact practice.)


WR Ramses Barden jumped to catch a ball on a short hook and, though he made the catch, he let it get into his body a bit. But on another hook and a longer slant that were both high throws, Barden used his long arms and big hands to make a couple of nice grabs.


* * *


Coughlin continues to be Mr. Nice Guy. Wednesday night, he's taking the entire team to the Yankees-Nationals game. I wonder if they'll be sitting behind the plate. I hear there are tons of available seats back there.


* * *


And finally, I had a blocked view of one play this morning. It was a run by Carr that drew plenty of whoops from his teammates. I found out later why: it was an option to the right side that Carr kept and took upfield. I doubt they'll be running that in the game.


One more practice to go. See ya Thursday.





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The boys got a little fiesty today as a UFC battle broke out for a few seconds. Even the police were called in. OK, it wasn't that bad and a couple of NJ state troopers just happened to pull up to catch a glimpse of the workout moments after the altercation. But still, in a camp that's been devoid of much drama, it was good stuff.


The fight was between Dave Tollefson and Darcy Johnson. It happened on a screen pass from Eli Manning that he threw away. Somehow Johnson wound up on top of Tollefson. Johnson tried to get up but Tollefson held onto his leg for an attempted takedown. At first it looked like they were joking around, but then Tollefson came up and threw a punch at Johnson. Then Johnson threw one back. By then most of the rest of the team had jumped in to break things up. And that was that.


Oh, and Johnson caught a TD on the final play of the practice in a red zone drill. He probably dedicated it to Tollefson.


A few other notes from the practice: Corey Webster was doing some individual drills, which is more than he had been during this minicamp. He was still held out of team work.


A couple of really nice catches to talk about. Hixon made an over-the-shoulder grab on a deep pass from Manning in 11s, a step ahead of Barksdale's coverage. The next snap was a pump&go to Manningham down the left sideline. Barksdale was there and broke it up, but the ball went off his hands, bounced off his foot as he was falling down, and went right into the waiting hands of Manningham for a reception.


Hakeem Nicks continues to look very strong and made some nice catches, including one on a low throw from Carr that was almost off the turf. In 7s in the red zone, Steve Smith made a nice catch in the back of the end zone and managed to get both feet down in bounds (though I would have reviewed it). And Ramses Barden showed off his height by going up for a pair of catches on high balls out of the reach of the shorter CBs.


Click below for the charting of the 11-on-11 snaps. The only other thing the team worked on was punt returns. The returners were, in order: Hixon, Manningham, Hixon, Bradshaw.


A few more notes on the stadium naming situation and other money-making ideas the Giants are considering in a little while. Check back!



(QB in parenthesis)


1. Pass to Smith (Manning) Pierce in coverage and D.Clark on stop

2. Bradshaw toss right (Manning) Tuck stop

3. PA pass to Hixon (Manning) deep left beat Barksdale

4. Pass to Manningham (Manning) pump&go tipped by Barksdale to Manningham

5. Ware run middle (Carr) Kehl stop

6. Pass to Nicks (Carr) scrambling, low throw caught

7. Bradshaw run right (Carr) Kehl stop

8. Botched snap (Carr) with Koets at center

9. Pass to Nicks (Woodson) Stoney Woodson in coverage, Pierce with QB pressure

10. Patrick run left (Woodson)

11. Patrick run right (Bomar) nice lead block by Dwayne Wright

12. Pass to Hagan (Bomar) deep pass beat Rashad and Cargile came over to knock down Hagan



1. Jacobs run right (Manning) Tuck stop at line of scrimmage

2. Pass to Hixon (Manning)

3. Screen to Jacobs (Manning) T.Thomas stop

4. Pass to Matthews (Manning) short on the right

5. Ware run right (Manning) nice cutback to the left for a big gain

6. Inc. pass (Manning) fight between Tollefson and D.Johnson

7. Ware run left (Manning)

8. Screen to Ware (Carr) DeOssie stop

9. Botched shotgun snap (Carr) Koets center

10. Ware draw (Carr) Umenyiora stop in backfield

11. Ware run right (Carr) T.Thomas and DeAndre Wright stop

12. Pass to Barden (Carr) stretching high across the middle

13. Screen to Bradshaw (Bomar) Goff and Wilkinson there for the stop

14. Patrick run left (Bomar) sweep left, strung out by Kehl

15. Inc. pass to Matthews (Woodson) bobbled and dropped over the middle

16. Pass to Barden (Woodson) Rashad untouched on a blitz off the corner




1. Jacobs run right (Manning) Tuck stop

2. Bradshaw run left (Manning) Umenyiora stop

3. Pass to Hixon (Manning) stopped by Wilkinson short of TD

4. Inc. pass for Smith (Carr) high throw on play action

5. Bradshaw run right (Carr)

6. Pass to D.Johnson (Carr) TD



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