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Thoughts on new Edwards rumor


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His foolishness is well documented and has been since the days on the giants.com message board years ago. He was calling Jesse Palmer a future pro bowler and calling for him to start and he also wanted Tiki benched if I remember correctly.. Oh and don't let me forget... He wanted Michael Strahan benched all the time... just a first ballot hall of famer


LOL wow, I won't take his posts serious anymore.


I'll use them as my little giggle in the morning :lol:

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And on the Ware/Bradshaw thing..


Bradshaw is on another level..I think he could even be a 1,000 yard rusher if he got the right amount of carries...


Ware..we haven't even seen the guy play vs real competition yet..a couple of preseason games makes you think he is now better then who we've seen battle off some of the best pass rushers in the NFL?

Honestly, with how good our o-line is even our rookie we picked up is going to look great. Our o-line not only helps these guys get 3 to 4 yards, but helps them get to full speed with little or no contact so when they hit those safety's or LB's it's easier to spin or plow them over in Jacobs case. If you had Jacobs or Ward on a team like Detriot they both wouldn't have had 1,000 yard seasons. Remember the Jets cut Ward. We got him and our o-line and schemes made him a star.

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(rphguy @ May 9 2009, 06:52 AM)

you still had some? (respect for JackStroud) you're in a club of 1.



There was like one thing he posted that I agreed with, once...



yes my foolishness is the stuff of legend


Well, Storm, it looks like I've joined your club. I, too, have found 1 thing I can agree with Jack on.

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