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Grade the Eagles Draft


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1. Maclin


2. McCoy


3. Cornelius Ingram


4. Macho Harris


5. Fenuki Tupou


6. Brandon Gibson


7. Paul Fanaika


8. Moises Fokou



Don't forget to add Jason Peters and Ellis Hobbs since they were apart of this draft process as well

I thought the Maclin move was genius. If McNabb ever gets surrounded by solid receivers, Philly could go all the way and Maclin is a good step.


Right from the beginning, I have said that the Eagles had the best draft by far. Although, I think the Giants are the one team whose draft is almost as good. I give the Giants an "A" and the Eagles an "A+".


But we'll find out for sure once the season starts won't we! The Giants picked up a lot of good FA's and get Osi back....even before the draft so I suspect the jints to go 2-0 against the Eagles.


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a reach? the eagles move up two spots for their 6th rounder.....almost every draft expert and analyst had him as a top 10 draft prospect overall. rumor was that the giants were poised to trade up with detroit to nab him. Link


personally, i'd take a team full of receivers of desean jackson's caliber. the guy is a stud.

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