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And now picking in the 14th Spot in Round 1.....


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A theory on how the New York Giants can trade up in the first round

by Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger

Friday April 24, 2009, 9:48 AM


Marvin Gentry/US Presswire

Heyward-Bey probably won't last until No. 29, but he might be sitting there at No. 14.

For a couple of weeks now, I've been telling myself and others there's a good chance the Giants will trade up in the first round. It's part speculation, part reporting on my end, as I keep hearing from people familiar with the Giants' thinking the team wants to jump up in the first round.


So in my mind, I've been trying to figure out a reasonable jump they could make in the first round. I was thinking roughly 15 spots because I was covering the Eagles back in 2003 when they went from 30th to 15th to pick Jerome McDougle. All they had to give up was No. 30 and a second-round pick (No. 62). The Giants could easily do that, as they have two second-round picks and two thirds.


So that gets them to about 14th in the first round.


"Um, MG," my subconscious brain was trying to tell me. "You do know who picks at 14, right?"


"Da da da da da, hey!" I thought back.


And then, last night, while watching "The Daily Show," which is by far the most educational programming I regularly watch, it hit me:


The Saints!


That's right, the slot I had roughly estimated the Giants to move into is occupied by the team responsible for two of their extra picks this year: No. 45 overall (second round) and No. 151 overall (fifth round) -- the bounty in last year's Jeremy Shockey trade. And better yet, that same team is also lacking picks in the third and sixth rounds because of trades with the Jets and Packers. The Saints have only their first-round pick, two fourths and a seventh. Not good for a team that could really use extra picks to continue to build around their core of players.


"Hey, Mickey and Sean," I can hear Jerry Reese saying over the phone. "It's us again. You know that second-rounder you gave us for the banged-up guy who was even more banged up this past year, caught fewer balls than he had in any of his previous four seasons, ripped your medical staff and just recently fired his agent but might re-hire him to make a stink about a new contract soon? Would you by any chance want that pick back?"


According to the draft pick value chart, it's a match made in war-room heaven: 1,090 points (640 for No. 29 and 450 for No. 45) to 1,100 points for No. 14. (And just so we're clear, the chart isn't perfect, as the Eagles swap with the Chargers in 2003 was 904 points for Philly's picks to 1,050 for San Diego's pick. What a trade for the Eagles -- until they took McDougle.)


So what do the Giants do with that pick once they have it? Everybody chant it with me:


"DH-B, DH-B, DH-B!" (That would be Darrius Heyward-Bey.)


And if this shot in the dark, half-wit theory somehow all goes down as I laid it out just now, I command all of you to chant, "MG, MG, MG!"


Once again, I don't know why it took so long it to hit me that the Saints are a perfect trading partner. The brain might not be functioning properly of late.


11:35 a.m. UPDATE: And of course, there's the guy I mentioned here yesterday as a possibility if they stay put at No. 29: Ohio State LB James Laurinaitis.





What the New York Giants need to target in the 2009 NFL Draftby Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger

Monday April 20, 2009, 8:54 PM


Marvin Gentry/US Presswire

Speedy Maryland receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey could be a target for the Giants in Round 1 ... but they might have to trade up to get him.Next weekend's NFL Draft will have a distinctly New Jersey feel. That, of course, includes the teams that play here, and the Giants and Jets are not that different in what they'll be looking for early on.

A look at the top needs for the Giants on draft day:



Jerry Reese said the Giants aren't "panicked" after cutting Plaxico Burress, but at the very least they have to be concerned. They have a bunch of small, quick targets and guys that can work the middle, but they're lacking someone to stretch the field. Barring a trade for Braylon Edwards, this is the top priority.



First round: Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland. At 6-2, 210 pounds, this speedster (4.30 40-yard dash) has game-breaking potential, which is why the Giants likely will have to trade up to get him.

Second round: Brian Robiskie, Ohio State. Tom Coughlin would love such a polished, well-rounded coach's son on his team.

Second day: Ramses Barden, Cal Poly. He's built like Burress (6-6, 227), but needs time to develop.



Arguably the thinnest position for the Giants. They have a handful of younger guys -- Gerris Wilkinson (third-round pick), Bryan Kehl (fourth round) and Jonathan Goff (fifth round) -- who could still develop, but it might be time to use a higher pick on this position.



First round: James Laurinaitis, Ohio State. Fundamentally sound player who loves football, which makes him another Coughlin-type guy.

Second round: Clint Sintim, Virginia. He visited the Giants last week, so there must be at least some interest here.

Second day: Moise Fokou, Maryland. Good at playing downhill, a trait that fits well in the Giants' defensive scheme.



With Ahmad Bradshaw and Danny Ware on the bench, the Giants were prepared to lose Derrick Ward in free agency. But that doesn't mean they feel they're set at the position, especially since physical Brandon Jacobs has missed eight games the past two seasons.



First round: Knowshon Moreno, Georgia. Recent mock drafts project the Belford native as a mid- to late-first-round pick, though the Eagles at No. 21 appear a likely destination.

Second round: Shonn Greene, Iowa. He runs with power, which the Giants like from even their smaller backs, such as Bradshaw.

Second day: Cedric Peerman, Virginia. One of the biggest knocks on him is his proneness to fumbling, which is something Coughlin and RB coach Jerald Ingram can cure.



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