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The 2009 NFL Draft Day Thread


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Why because he got hit with a marry-j charge?


So did Manningham yet we still drafted him.



Manningham was a 3rd rounder. 3rd round picks fail all the time. 1st rounders shouldn't.


Besides...Harvin didn't even have a set position at Florida.

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keep an eye on Oher too


Seriously if we draft an OT I will skull fuck Reese.


"Hurr we have the best O-line in football yet no #1 WR...so that means we need an OT"


We will pick up O-line in the second day of the draft, it's deep this year with O-line.

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Well....that sucks. Our division is getting tougher by the hour. Thank heavens the Cowgirls don't have any picks to speak of.


I'm disappointed that Reese didn't pull the trigger to move up and grab Maclin. I can't believe he fell as far as he did.


No telling what the Giants will do now. Probably a linebacker then try to get Britt in the 2nd.

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What I have concluded during the first 21 picks:



1. Eric Mangini and Co. got jack shit from the Jets for the 5th overall.


2. The Broncos are fucking retarded.



At this point....Reese might as well sit pat. The 2 picks that were possible for which I was salivating were Maclin and Pettigrew.....both could've been had, but we sat back and watched.

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So Nicks and Britt still left.


Barden ( cal Poly) Also But he can be had later


IF Liarinitis , Malumuga or Matthews are there Reese does Change his focus on a LB if there is no WR there?

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Browns take a center. 19th overall.


Mangini should be fired.


the Browns have played the draft very well . They have doubled their picks and are building the O-Line Very Smart If you ask me.

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