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Jets sign DB Dyson


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I think that Dyson was the best Cb on the free agent market. A very good sign for the JETS, GRRRRRRR!!!!


Im Happy with Madison


ESPN insider



Grade 71


Expert's Take;


Madison is a veteran corner whose play and physical tools are starting to diminish. There are still days, though, when his mind and body are 100 percent and he can be that shut-down type corner he used to be. One of the biggest things that slowed him is his durability. He has shown the toughness to play through injuries, but they have slowed him down some. He's no longer a No. 1 corner, but he can be a solid No. 2 if he is healthy. Teams needing a veteran corner will show serious interest.



Grade 69


Expert's Take;


Dyson is a young player who did a pretty solid job for Seattle last season and it is a little surprising to see the Seahawks cut him loose. He was slowed late in the year due to injuries, but over the course of the season he was a solid contributor. He definitely played well enough to garner attention form other teams. Dyson still has the physical skills to be a No. 2 corner in the NFL.

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