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New York Giants and Chris Canty's agent talking money


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The Giants can say they're serious about signing Chris Canty all they want. But the real test of how serious they are can be measured in dollars.


Canty's agent Brad Blank told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this afternoon he and the Giants have exchanged proposals.


Blank just wrote to me in an e-mail minutes ago the Giants have given him a proposal and he's about to send his counter offer.


A good sign? Maybe. I guess it all depends on how far apart said proposals are. And that we don't know yet.


Blank also told Greg Bedard of the MJS he didn't expect the Packers to make a push for Canty.


"I don't feel -- at this moment and this could change -- any form of representation from the Packers that I'm going to get a deal from them," Blank told Bedard. "And you know the old saying: one in the hand is worth two in the bush."


Apparently, it changed quickly, as the Packers called.


This is almost as exciting as last year's NFC Championship game!


Stay tuned.




Also, a source said RB Derrick Ward is telling people the Giants have turned down his proposal for a multi-year deal worth $3 million per season. The Giants are apparently not willing to go that high.



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I'll be so happy if we can land Canty.


All we'd basically NEED is another quicker LB some backup safeties and WR help. With 9 draft picks and the possibility of Burress coming back that ain't too bad.

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A couple of updates:


3:08 p.m. UPDATE Someone in the know said the gap is in guarantees and structure and that the sides are close on overall value. Not sure how far apart on guarantees, but that sounds like a gulf that could be bridged. We'll see.


4:00 p.m. UPDATE I forgot to mention Seattle signed DT Colin Cole away from the Packers. Paul Needell reports Blank told him Seattle is out of the running for Canty.




Sounds promising to me. The Giants want Canty and Canty wants the Giants and now they are simply dancing on the details and"in the general area of agreement"....and with Seattle out of it, Canty lost some of his leverage. If Packers come through talking huge money, it could change things, but I doubt it. Also, Canty has stated that he WANTS to play DT and not DE leaving 3-4 defensive teams out of the mix.....including the Packers who are strictly a 3-4 team now.




As far as Ward goes, it doesn't seem like teams are knocking people out of the way to get him in. His agent has setup meetings with a few teams, but they are probably bargain hunting. The Giants have Ahmad Bradshaw, Dwayne Wright, Kay-Jay Harris, and Danny Ware waiting in the shadows....and each have shown flashes.


I think in the end, Ward is going to take the Giants' offer even though it's not the jackpot he was looking for. I will be surprised if another team throws the kind of money at him that he wants.

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