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Adam Schefter


Fitzgerald willing to restructure to keep Boldin



Questions surround Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin and his future in Arizona. But one of the keys to it could turn out to be Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


Just as Fitzgerald accepted a four-year, $40 million deal from Arizona last year when he could have made considerably more on the open market so he could leave the Cardinals cap space, Fitzgerald would like to help the Cardinals again.


Fitzgerald is willing to restructure his contract so that the Cardinals can redo Boldin’s and keep him in Arizona long-term. Boldin wants his deal redone and said during the season that he never would re-sign with Arizona again, but many around the league believe that as long as the Cardinals make a sufficient offer, then Boldin will agree to stay.


Plus, it will be especially hard to turn down when Fitzgerald is willing to make the selfless offer that he is to make it possible for Boldin to stay. The two compose the game’s top receiving duo and their salaries also could be tied to one another.


Everyone has seen that Fitzgerald is one of the games top players this post-season. Now they’re about to see how selfless he can be this off-season.





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