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Taye Biddle


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Taye Biddle the guy the Giants signed to fill in for Plaxico after he was IRed was shot Sunday outside his home in Alabama


January 22, 2009


Another Giants receiver shot

Taye Biddle, a receiver who spent most of the season on the Giants' practice squad, was shot on Sunday outside of his home in Decatur, Ala.


According to reports, the 25-year-old Biddle suffered two gunshot wounds — one to his hand and one to his leg. He was treated at Decatur General Hospital and released and apparently is doing well.


A statement released by the Decatur Police Department said "there is no evidence to indicate that Biddle did anything to contribute, cause or provoke the shooting." One report said he was simply heading towards his car "to get something out of it when he was hit by gunfire".


That report also said Biddle needed surgery on his left hand.


A Giants spokesman said the reports are consistent with what Biddle has told them about the incident. "We have been in constant contact with Taye over the last two days and we are thankful he was able to walk away from this incident with relatively minor injuries," the spokesman said.


No arrests have been made in the shooting, and the police had no information on a possible motive.


This, of course, is the third incident involving a Giants receiver and a gun in the last two months. On Nov. 25, Giants receiver Steve Smith was robbed at gunpoint outside of his Clifton, N.J. home. Three days later, Giants receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh in a Manhattan nightclub.


By Ralph Vacchiano on January 22, 2009 6:04 PM



make that Tuesday night



Taye Biddle: New York Giants' Taye Biddle Shot


pxl_trans.gif January 22, 2009


New York Giants' receiver, Taye Biddle, has been shot.


WHNT NewsChannel 19 is tracking a developing story in Decatur, involving Biddle.


Biddle was shot outside a home at 715 Cedar Lake Road in Decatur on Tuesday night. We understand he was going to his car to get something out of it, when he was hit by gunfire.


Biddle, 25, had gunshot wounds to his hand and leg. He was treated at Decatur General Hospital and released.


Police say there is no evidence to indicate Biddle did anything to contribute, cause or provoke the shooting. The investigation is ongoing.


WHNT spoke with Biddle outside his home Thursday afternoon. He is doing well, but was headed back to the hospital to have surgery on his left hand.


Biddle grew up in Decatur and starred at Decatur High School before going on to play football at Ole Miss.


He is currently listed as a wide receiver on the Giants roster. He was signed from the Giants' practice squad earlier this month to the active roster, to fill the position of Plaxico Burress.


Burress accidentally shot himself in the right thigh in November.


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