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Gruden Fired

so-cal dub

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Who isn't being fired? Gruden and Shanahan firings weren't very smart NSHO. It seemed like Spagnuolo wasn't going to be leaving but there are so many openings it seems like it's going to be damn near impossible to keep him; unless he decides to stay again. :brooding:

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I bet alot of teams are kicking themselves in the ass now, Gruden would be a prime candidate for alot of jobs so would Shanahan. Gruden was also a prime candidate for the Tennesee job which was taking by Lane Kiffin who hasn't proved squat at any level

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They are announcing new coach/gm at 3:30p eastern.

Raheem Morris (who?)/Mark Dominik, both elevated from within the Bucs system.


the d-backs coach...the dog had heard he was going to be a hot commodity in the next year or two, and was already high on the broncos list this past interview cycle...

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