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What Hugh doesnt understand about Gilbride


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Through the first 13 weeks where the Giants were 11-1, he ran the ball a lot like he should have been doing. The suddenly, he got pass happy and the giants lost 3 of the last 4. WHy did he get away from what was successful? I know Jacobs was out and/or baged up, but still. The O-Line was still healthy and Ward and Bradshaw arent scrubs. So my question is, what happened and why didnt TC step in?

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If hugh ask him, he'd tell hugh that when the idiot shot himself, the defenses started to tighten up on the run defense because they no longer feared the passing attack. He had to counter by throwing more.


yes thats what KG would say. but he would also say OH fuck my nuts

as I kicked him in the balls! He is poor excuse for and NFL OC !!!



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