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So....Now What?!?!?!

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I could careless about any teams left. Anybody else got any interest? I'll have the games on, but I don't follow the league, I just follow the Giants. All hope of the Rangers doing anything is waning. I guess I can watch the MLB network and get excited for the Yanks.



Yeah Pittsburgh is winning by 20-10 and they just got an INT that is being challenged. I want all of the number one seeds to lose. Have the Cards beat the Eagles and the Chargers beat the Sam Quentin Lifers...er excuse me Baltimore Ravens. Chargers and Cards in the Super Bowl with me hopefully reading the papers the next day that Warner won it...."It was a gift from God....and God Bless you all including the Chargers..."

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Im rooting for my Suns in the NBA, and am patiently awaiting Spring Training so that I may see what the Yanks look like. Kinda excited about that, with all the acquisitions. And, of course, Training Camp, which I will be attending. ;)

Fuck the Suns. :P

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