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I need a good laugh


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I want to see the Eagles shut the Giants run game down.


Then I want to see last year's Superbowl "MVP" actually carry this team to a victory.


Without some no-name WR making a circus catch with his helmet.


It will never happen. But it certainly would be entertaining to watch... :LMAO:


You can watch the Cowboys 2008 season in review and get a much better laugh.

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Maybe a frantic desperation heave will get stuck in Moss' facemask.


Didn't that happen once in one of the "Longest Yard" films? Or was it the "Replacements"?


For a team in the 1970's who made a living out of winning games with catches like that you sure forget fast. Of course I am sure the Staubach heave to Drew Pearson in Minnesota was pure perfection and no good luck.


Your act has worn thin dude, come back in August.

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