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Hal is Running the Show, Hank is a Joke


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It's comical to me that the media always tries to blow up Hank Steinbrenner's quotes like as if what he says really matters.


Hank was not at opening day last year, the all star game or the closing ceremonies. I have read stuff that he only attended one game. He also has not been at either of the press conferences introducing Teixeira or Sabathia and Burnett.


It's obvious now that Hal is running the show, and thank God at that.

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he doesn't provide any good quotes though, so it's only natural the media will do all they can to keep hank in the spotlight


Yeah, Hal is a perfect owner. Stays in the back, doesn't say much, and does whatever he can to help the team win. Hank wont shut up or even show up. I understand why the media picks up his quotes, because of his position and what he says. But it's becoming more and more evident what he says just doesn't matter.

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