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2010 pro bowl a week before the superbowl?!!!!


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So a pointless game that no body watches gets moved to the week before the Superbowl.


If they boost their rating by one person I would consider it a success.



Imagine the starting Qb for the following weeks superbowl gets Roethlisbergered :brooding:

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Seems like an effort to create more "Pro Bowl" players. The player in the Super Bowl won't be able to play so alternates will automatically be promoted to the pro bowl squad, creating more Pro Bowlers, which creates more Pro Bowl jerseys to sell, and will increase regular jersey sales for those players as well. Also, like the Patriots last year who had players not play a week after losing, this will happen to two teams from the conference championship games.


Well thats my take on it; it has to be an economic decision, and I don't see many other reasons for it. I doubt the Hawaiians will give a shit that its 2 weeks earlier.

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actually this isn't a bad idea...to put the pro bowl game in that off week. Those are the two longest weeks and having a game in between might be a good idea...obviously superbowl teams won't have their players on those squads although they can be named to the teams for noteriety purposes.

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