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Saints won’t extend Vilma, to detriment of NY teams

Posted: Adam Schefter | Adam Schefter | Tags: Jonathan Vilma, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets

Had New Orleans resigned linebacker Jonathan Vilma to a long-term contract extension this season, or even shortly thereafter, two New York teams would have benefited.

First, the conditional fourth-round pick the Saints traded to the Jets for Vilma would have become a second-round pick.

And if that Vilma trade with the Jets had involved a second-round pick, then the Saints would have been forced to compensate the New York Giants with a first-round pick for tight end Jeremy Shockey.

But New Orleans can exhale. The Saints did not resign Vilma, and will not attempt to do so until he becomes a free agent, thus the value the Jets and Giants receive now can be determined.

The conditional fourth-round pick the Saints traded to the Jets for Vilma will become a third-round pick in 2009. The Jets used the Saints fourth-round pick in 2008, but they will have to return a fourth-round pick to New Orleans this April.

And while the Jets get the Saints third-round pick, the Giants will get New Orleans’ second-round pick for Shockey.

So the Saints now are scheduled to have their first-round pick, and two fourth-round picks, with no second- or third-round picks.

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He didn't mention anything in there about them still having the 5th either. No worries, we have their 5th round pick as well. I'm really hoping the Saints lose tonight so that they will be assured of missing the playoffs and improve that 2nd rounder a little.

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