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Lightning V Rangers


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Damn...we needed to win this game seeing as we gotta play Ottawa AND Buffalo this week...If we can take one of those games and the game against the fishsticks we should be just fine, but i sure would like to see them win one of these close games....

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Renney needs to get it through his thick skull to put Prucha in shootouts.


What is really strange is that, as amazing a player as Jagr is, he seems to do poorly in shootouts...I would like to see a Jagr-Sykora-Prucha lineup for the shootouts


Graham isn't that good...we should of been able to beat him atleast once...

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This was one of those games that,though we didn't win(again),it was intense.The penalty kill at the end was great!I think Lundqvist is unbelievable....but he did get juked on the shootout(much to my dismay :brooding: )

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