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Trade rumor between the Giants and Chiefs?


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So the trade deadline is in acouple of hours...anyone think anything will happen?



I just read that the Chiefs pushed their press conference time from 3pm EST to 4pm after the deadline, so that Edwards can be available for last minute negotiations.


Gonzalez, Huard, Edwards and Larry Johnson are all on the line.

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A league source told Warpaint Illustrated.com Monday evening, that the three teams that continue to show the most interest are the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.


While sources say Gonzalez has marked the Giants as his top choice, New York hasn't shown as much interest in the nine-time Pro Bowler as the two other teams. However, that could change based on the Giants’ 35-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns Monday night.


At the heart of the issue for the Giants is the fact they’ve only offered a sixth-round pick. Another league source told Warpaint Illustrated.com that the team is reluctant to trade a first-day pick for Gonzalez.


The Giants have two extra picks (second and fifth-rounders) they acquired in the Jeremy Shockey trade with New Orleans, but our source says that as of Monday night, the consensus was to keep those picks and not deal them to Kansas City for Gonzalez.


Buffalo has shown strong interest, but Gonzalez isn’t thrilled about the prospects of joining the upstart Bills. It’s not known if Gonzalez can veto any trade, but sources confirm Buffalo is not his ideal destination.


Philadelphia's interest could be legitimate, as their starting tight end, will be an unrestricted free agent in March. The Eagles, per another league source, are concerned that the Giants will change their stance and upgrade their offer to Kansas City, so they remain in the hunt.


The fact both the Redskins and Giants lost games this weekend could sway the Eagles to bolster their offense and make a strong pitch to acquire Gonzalez before Tuesday’s trade deadline.


Gonzalez's contract expires after the 2011 season and he has base salaries of: $1 million (2008), $4 million (2009), $4.5 million (2010), and $5.75 million (2010).


Warpaint Illustrated.com has also confirmed Gonzalez has roster bonuses of $2 million due in 2010 and 2011. His cap number in 2010 is $8.5 million and he has a cap number of around $9.75 million in 2011.


In other news, it appears at the moment that running back Larry Johnson isn’t going anywhere, at least not until the offseason. The Chiefs didn’t receive a single legitimate offer for Johnson, but Kansas City has continued to receive inquiries from the New England Patriots concerning quarterback Damon Huard



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It seems as if the Giants were just 100% comfortable with the Boss-man. Reese and company are smart, they had to of known a 6th would never be enough to get Gonzo, especially considering that the owner from KC is a tightwad. The Packers offered him a 3rd and he turned it down and he has a history of being stingy. We never upped the offer of a 6th from what I've read basically in a way saying that they're more than happy with the improvements the Boss-man has made and were never seriously interested to get TG. I know it looks like I'm only saying this now because we didn't get Gonzo but I stated earlier in this thread that I wouldn't have been pissed at all if we didn't get TG.

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