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Being as this was the first real year I tried to watch as many Jays games as I could and try to learn what I could about baseball, I enjoyed the season.


Atleast my Jays are finishing with more wins then losses and hope we can build more for a better team in the future. I dont know how baseball and teams are built and if it's much like football but I know theres some younger players that I liked watching and I hope we keep Halladay till the day he dies :P


Well hoping next year I can follow my Jays alittle more and maybe even try to see what they do during the offseason with signings and such.


Good luck to anyone who's team made it to the playoffs, heres to next year :cheers:

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did wells pitch for the jays this year?

I first thought he was talking about Vernon Wells.




Congrats BIC, for a football only fan to make a comitment to watch baseball over the course of the season, taint easy.



The Jays have been on the verge for 5 years it seems, they just have the bad luck of playing in the al east.


Baseball is an enjoyable game to watch, if you have an idea of whats going on, and the more you learn about the game, stratagies and such, the more enjoyable it becomes. Don't be afraid to ask questions here, lots of smart peeps on this board.

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Here is a pretty good site for team specific news, pretty much any article that comes out regarding the Jays will be on here every day. I use it for both the Rangers and Giants.


Pro Sports Daily


Also, look for blogs and other sites about the team, and sites that have in depth info on your minor league teams, it's so much more fun when a guy gets called up and you know a good deal about him. Or if they play like the Rangers, you can spend all year asking "When the fuck will ___________ get called up?

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All in all, your Jays had a damn good season. True, you finished fourth in the division, but 86 wins is absolutely nothing to scoff at. Plus, best pitching in the game is a damn plus. You need some more run producers though...Thomas failed, Wells wasn't well, Rios decided to run instead of hit for power...but hey, best pitching in the fucking game is something to build on...granted you most likely won't have AJ Burnett who will probably try and opt out of his contract.

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