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Thoughts/Questions On the Plax Situation...


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First off you gotta love how ESPN's ticket points to Plax's domestic disputes in the summer only to follow it with a "it doesn't appear to have any relation to the suspension". I mean honestly, what is the point of putting it out there then? I guess they feed off of creating controversy and trying to rip a team apart.


Now to my question, do you guys think with Plax out we should expect an interception or two from Eli? You are taking away his favorite receiver and I think he might be fighting to squeeze some balls in to receivers who might not be getting the separation Plax would

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I think we'll be fine against SEA. Plax was almost a non factor vs. Cincy, and folks like Boss and Hixon got more looks. I think Eli is comfortable w/ this receiving corps, and is comfortable looking for 2nd or 3rd rec's rather than relying on Plax. Do I think he should win his appeal and play? Certainly, but We'll be fine.

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I think yes losing your first WR is going to hurt any team but the Giants are diffrent this year. We are stacked at WR, Hixon, Moss, Smith, Manningham all guys who can play. I wouldn't mind seeing Toomer in the number one spot again for acouple plays, bring back some old memories :P


I think Hixon and Toomer will do just fine in the starting line up.

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