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More tickets available for GIANTS vs CARDS 11/23/08


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Hey all, since we are planning this big AZ thing, I thought I'd let everyone know, that if youre planning on making the trip, I just solved your tix problem. I got mine and all my crews(minus SW) tix from my lady's work, Aetna insurance. The ones she has available are 45.00 each and in section 435.(In case you wanna check) They are upper level, but ALL seats are good at this stadium. If you need tix and are thinking of coming, PM me.

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I'd love to go but I got to save up for my last year of college and a trip like that would drain my funds.


I'm tellin ya Blue, it wont be that expensive. A Plane ticket, thats it. We'll have enough food and beer and the ticket is only 45.00. I got you Blue, come on down. ;)

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BigBlue...I am 99% coming at this point...I will pm you later for the tix once I book a flight. So far, so good...Im actually really looking foward to it now.


Right on! PM SoCal too about the room, he's already got a place and if its not full, you can crash. If it is, I got plenty of couches in buddies houses around the stadium. Hell, if worse comes to worse, you can use my couch. I'll provide the food and beer, and a ride if needed. Let me know whatever help you may need.

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