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Manny Being Manny...


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during the game vs. yankees today, manny were number 95 on his jersey. the funny part is he didnt do it 2 be funny. he left his jersey at the sox spring training facility. so the sox gave him 95. just a glimpse of what the season will bring. stay tuned for more MANNY BEING MANNY!!

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Yup, Manny's a goofball. I'm just glad he doesn't cheat. Now that's lame.

On that note atleast the Red Sox don't beam two fastballs at the opposing teams best player's head in the World Series ;) Piazza was never the same after that :(

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Why would he say he was never the same after that, though? That could only refer to when he hit him in the head.

When it was the Yanks vs Mets in the WS Clemens threw 2 straight pitches towards Piazza's head... one nailed him and fucked him up pretty bad

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