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More comedy gold from Johnny D.


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3/20- "I have a new team. Both sides have pretty much gotten over it and it's time to get ready for a baseball season. I'm over it and they have to get over it". :LMAO:


3/21- "I'm really upset for Bronson. He should be able to become a free agent after this year, re-do his contract. This is what they were afraid of - his agent was right. I bought a house that I could not afford at the time, in Boston because they said, `We're going to keep you, we'll get something done real soon.' This was right after we won the World Series [in 2004]. Obviously, that never happened. After they didn't come to me during the [2005] season, my loyalty to them wasn't there anymore either. I felt the loyalty from them was gone.


Unfortunately, the loyalty of the fans always stays. You try not to be bitter through life, because I've learned you just shouldn't be that way. I've learned to accept it. I hope the [Red Sox] fans accept it, because now another guy they loved is gone.


The biggest thing that enticed me about the Yankees is knowing that Derek Jeter is going to be here five more years, [Alex Rodriguez] is going to be here five more years, Jorge Posada's going to be here. Bernie Williams is going to be here as long as he wants. I believe they're going to make a big effort to sign Gary Sheffield. Jason Giambi is here three more years.


That core is something that enticed me a lot. The core in Boston, unfortunately, is coming to an end. They have their plans, and they have their computers, and they believe that's right. Unfortunately, computers don't judge a person's heart.


Getting along with the younger kids and helping them along, unfortunately, computers don't [evaluate] that. As important as I was to that team, Billy Mueller was just as important. Kevin Millar was just as important. Certain players have numbers that might be sexy, but what's lost is when you get a good core of guys, it goes under the radar." :LMAO::LMAO::LMAO: :blah:

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Media at its finest. They're gonna play this thing out as long as they can. You should know that.


Then how come it's always Johnny being quoted, and never the Sox on a regular basis? Probably because he knows we started negotiation with Cleveland long before we let him walk.

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