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Its the Nats


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With Omar acquiring these relievers we can put to bed the chances of a starter becoming a reliever until the post season at the earliest.


Maine was topping out at 91 the other day and they were linking it more to fatigue(no throwing for 2 weeks when he was on the DL) to any shoulder issues. Thats a good thing. I also think Maines 10 scoreless since coming back show that he is learning to become an even better pitcher even when he does not have his great stuff. I myself am a huge Maine fan and think he is jus scratching the surface of becoming a frot end starter. Hopefully the injuries are not something long term or serious.


I am in agreement that Maine is the one who in a short series should go to the pen. He gives some nice options and can also go long if a starter gets bombed.


Joel Sherman of the POST wrote what I would call a compelling article yesterday on why maybe Pelfrey should go to the pen Sherman. As was the case with Maine I disagree with this as well, I think Pelfrey proved that point even more so last night. I will go so far as to say that in a post season series Pelfrey might be my game 2 starter right now.


I still feel this bullpen is going to get their shit together, do not know why I just do. Sort of like they cannot stay this bad for so long and are boundto get better I guess.


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