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T.O. to tell Philly story in book, disses Eagles in rap


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Making fun of the Egirls is fine, but I really hope no one buys this shitty ass CD when it "drops":


In a lengthy rap posted on his Web site, the newly acquired Dallas Cowboy openly taunts the Eagles about earning a guaranteed $10 million this season from Dallas.


"When it comes to this game, I'm the best in the field, some said I was gonna sign just a one-year deal, but I got what I wanted up front, 10 mil, changed the rules of the game, so now how you feel?" Owens raps.


Owens also takes shots at the Eagles' management in the rap:


"I got a brand new team, I am a Cowboy now, no more black and green, to the haters that said I'm not going to get my money, I'm laughing in your face, ha ha, that's funny."







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