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The Yankees are lot a girl I used to fawn over.....


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I had come to the conclusion that the Yankees had turned it around and were about to take over the east like a barn storm. The way they handled the Red Sox after sweeping the A's, then sweeping the Twins. Joba looked like the best pitcher in the game from here on....Mussina had regained his youthful touch....Petite was awesome...then we added Nady and Marte. And Cano could hit any pitcher and Giambi had refound his homerun stroke...Abreiu was getting hot...as is A-Rod and everyone was contributing. Yup....I thought this is it....we're headin for the goal line and leaving Tampa and Boston in the dust.


But wait.........screech (the sound of brakes locking up).......nope, it was all just a big tease. After the Red Sox embarassed the Yanks by kicking their ass in the last game of the set, the lowly Orioles have come into the Stadium and made the Yanks look like chumps who are out of their league.


I'm depressed at the sudden crashing back to earth! :(

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Slow down Bleedin, thats coming off an 8 game win streak. They'll be fine and compete for the AL East crown. I too am weary of Moose, but I think they'll pick it back up. We just gained a real good offensive catcher.

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