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Mets salaries


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Was on ESPN.com and they have a link for all the Mets salaries. One thing I did not know is that we have the 2nd highest player payroll in the bigs. Kind of surprised me, I thought the Red Sox was 2nd. But then I looked at how much the top salaries are on our team and what we are getting out it. Seriously, the Wilpons are blowing a lot of money. Check it out:


Pedro - $11.8 million

Moises Alou - $7.5 million

El Duque - $7 million

Luis Castillo - $6.25 million

Matt Wise - $1.2 million



That comes to about 33.75 million. Not too long ago I would've included Delgado and his $16 million on the list, but he has really been playing well, so I would say he's earned his salary so far this year. I wouldn't expect him to be doing any better than he is at this point of his career as far as average, power, run production.


But 33.75 million of mostly wasted money. Florida's entire team payroll is $22.65 million. Tampa Bay is a little more at $43.42 million.


I can't wait until next year when so much money is coming off the books. At minimum $42.3 million, and that is not counting Oliver Perez. I would like to see them throw some love John Maine's way... he is only making $450K this year. At this point I would like to see Oliver back, hopefully they can keep this foursome of starting pitchers together of Johan, Maine, Pelfrey, and Ollie. That is 4/5 of a championship caliber starting rotation.

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