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FOX Sports Power Rankings............


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I like #5:


5 — Dallas: For a franchise that hasn't won a playoff game in 12 years, the media sure has a lot of confidence in the Cowboys this off-season. Everywhere you look, pundits are pegging Dallas as the NFC East favorites and the Super Bowl frontrunners out of the NFC. In truth, Jerry Jones did some nice things in the off-season, plucking both Zach Thomas and Adam Jones for 40 cents on the dollar, and re-signing Ken Hamlin to a long-term deal. Wade Phillips is Marty Schottenheimer Lite, though, having never won a playoff game, himself. Anything less than a conference title will be seen as a great disappointment in Big D this season. Is this squad up to the challenge? We'll have to wait and see. Camp: Oxnard, Calif.




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I like this one


11 — Philadelphia: Don't look now, but the Eagles — a squad that didn't make the playoffs last year — are legitimate Super Bowl contenders in '08. The addition of Asante Samuel gives Philadelphia a shut-down corner to put up against the Plaxico Burress' and Terrell Owens' of the world, while Donovan McNabb seems to be as healthy as he's been in years. Lightning rod receiver/return man DeSean Jackson should contribute right away as well. One potential issue? Unhappy cornerback Lito Sheppard, who just fired his old agents and replaced them with ... Drew Rosenhaus. Camp: Bethlehem, Pa.








NUFF SAID :flex:

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I actually like when we are picked lower, shows how many idiots are so called experts. This guy has it a right a little but Seattle #7? and Philly #11?.



"Donovan McNabb seems to be as healthy as he's been in years." HUH?

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