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Sign WR Nate Burleson?


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Burleson is a Restricted Free Agent which Minnesota has the right to match any offer. If the Vikigs don't match they'd receive a 3rd rounder as compensation.


What do you guys think about signing Burleson? He's a year removed from a 1,000 yard season? Last year injuries ruined his season. By the time he was getting healthy the Vikings opted to shut him down since Koren Robinson had emerged. I don't think the Vikings match an offer for Nate given their depth at WR. Several posters have spoken of the need to draft Toomer's replacement. What are your thoughts at taking a shot on Burleson? We'd be getting a starting grade wideout for this years 3rd rounder. I don't know that I'm opposed to that.

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# 81 Nate Burleson

Position: WR

Height: 6-0

Weight: 192

Born: 08/19/1981

College: Nevada

NFL Experience: 4


Career Stats | Game Logs: 01 02 03 04 05 | Situational Stats | Team Roster






Year Team G GS No Yards Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ FD

2003 Minnesota Vikings 16 9 29 455 15.7 52 2 7 1 17

2004 Minnesota Vikings 16 15 68 1006 14.8 68 9 14 4 50

2005 Minnesota Vikings 12 9 30 328 10.9 20 1 1 0 20

TOTAL 44 33 127 1789 14.1 68 12 22 5 87



Well, he's young 24 year old ! he has a lot of potential.


If we could get him for a discount I would give away a 3rd pick!


That would definetly resolve our 3rd WR position.



Give the vikings a call and make and offer!! :rolleyes:

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The Vikes have the cap space to match any offer. Trying to sign him would be a waste of time.


And a waste of a 3rd round pick we would need to help our defense out. We have to give Jamaar Taylor another chance. He's the type of 3rd WR we're really looking for. When healthy, he's shown us that he's a speedster that can stretch the field.

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I don't know that this is a case of outbidding the Vikings. They're already plenty deep at WR. They've got Troy Williamson, Koren Robinson, Marcus Robinson and Travis Taylor. They don't really need Burleson. If they know they can get a 3rd rounder out of the deal they may prefer to go that route as opposed to matching our offer. I'm not suggesting we make a huge offer in an attempt to "buy" him from the Vikings. However at 24 years old, the guy still has his best football ahead of him. He's already proven he could post good numbers when healthy. If we feel we need to look for Toomer's replacement in this draft then I think it's a good move. A 3rd rounder for a guy who really shouldn't have the typical 2 year receiver learning curve seems like a bargain to me.


FWIW, I'm not down on Jamaar Taylor either but Burleson's proven more than JT at this point.

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Guest Lockhart

Plaxico=Keyshawn=Burlson - they are all the same. Nate is much younger, and much cheaper than the others though. Sign Burlson, trade Plaxico would be a great move.

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