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Ironic, 2004-2005 Wide Receivers=2005-2006 Corner Backs


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2004-2005 WR's


We all remember how the WR's did in 2004-2005. 2 td's total for the entire group. That is pretty bad but they still didn't deserve the harsh criticism that they got. The Giants wanted to improve the group and they signed a big name player so they got Burress. Toomer was injured and it really showed when he played. Hilliard wanted more money than the Giants wanted to give him (he denied to take a pay cut) so they cut him. Tim Carter caught a td early in the season and after that he didn't do too much after that and eventually was lost for the season with an injury. The rookie Jamaar Taylor showed promise on several occassions. David Tyree started for Toomer and caught a td.


2005-2006 CB's


Will Peterson is similar to Amani Toomer where as he was injured, and even though he didn't play again, he also was hearing that he possibly was finished. He failed to catch and interception, like Toomer failed to catch a td. Will Allen didn't catch an int just like Ike Hilliard didn't, which meant the original starters at those positions didn't record a td (WR) or an int (CB). Allen was gone since he wanted more money than the Giants were willing to give the former first rounder (sound familiar?). Frank Walker caught an int early in the season but afterwards didn't do much since he didn't appear much on defense, as he was either inactive or on special teams. Rookie CB Corey Webster showed promise on several occassions, really in coverage since he needed to be more aggressive in tackling and in run support, but he showed something. Curtis Deloatch started for Will Peterson and in his 3rd start for Peterson he caught an int. The CB's had just 2 ints all year. Now Madison was the big signing here. The Giants signed more CB's this year then WR's last year.

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