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Sidney Ponson


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I still don't want him to start another game. This was probably a fluke. Like when the Yankees got Al Leiter in 2005 and he pitched one great game against the Red Sox.

i was thinking of that exact same thing.

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ponson is better than any other option the yankees have internally....and its not even close. Ponson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rasner, Igawa, Giese, Kennedy, Karstens, Marquez, McCutchen(well, we shall see about him, he threw an incredible game in second start for AAA this week, but he is still not ready), Horne ect. Make no mistake about it, he IS the Yankees 4th starter right now and its righfully so.

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He had another good game today.
thats because he is a good pitcher. There is a reason why teams keep signing him....he's been a head case, but he has a great arm and good stuff and has had success in the majors. I really dont see how anyone can argue that he doesnt belong in the yankees rotation for the remainder of the seaosn. Wang and Hughes wont be back until september if they even come back this year, he is by far, their best option to fill out the back of the rotation. Is he great? No...but he is decent and better than most teams number 4/5 starter
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