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Rangers V Bruins


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Heres to Leetchie.....thanks for the memories :clap::rock:

Wasn't at the game or able to watch (Fucking OLN!!!! :TD::furious: ) but always wish that we could have gotten #2 back in Rangers Blue for the post-season. With that being said it will be a while before I buy another Rangers jersey (kinda tough to top one of the all-time greatest Rangers) however I do think that I might be looking at either a Lundqvist or Prucha jersey.... I just want to make sure that they stick around for awhile (unlike the last jersey I bought..... Michael York..... traded for that waste of space Tom Poti) but being a defenseman myself Leetch will always have a place in my heart.

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The crowd was real loud to!!!! BRI-AN LEETCH!!!!BRI-AN LEETCH!!How's the throat feelin' today Messiah?,cause I know you had to be screamin'!!!!!!!! :rock:

It was a very fun game to be at, the last couple of minutes of the game were unreal I wanted to see leetch score. But what really got me where the guys sitting behind me, every other thing they said was "slash him" "hit him", "smack the stick across his face", and it even got so bad that one of them asked whether or not the NHL was fixed and he was wearing a rangers jacket I can not take it anymore.

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