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The Big Blue 500


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The porn forum is temporary closed until we can get the situation under control. There is too much sick shit in there and I personally do not appreciate looking at two anacondas humping each other. Listen up current members, there will be an additional charge of $29.99 for the year plus $5 extra so I can buy some Natty Ice once a week. Mrs. Nemesis is currently accepting new members as soon as it reopens so shoot her a pm and then she will give you the info on how to sign up and how to make payment through paypal promptly. Thanks


sportswrath staff

I can deal with the Anacondas...........it's the pics of crossbred squirrels blowing toads that bother me.

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Oh, I thought you were talking about my top 500 list. The best sportswrath/GMB CE section people and posts. Let me give you a little sneek peek:


#1 - BOOHYAH, he's the king of sportswrath, what can i say??


#2 - Nemesis hey, he runs this place, he's a mod, what did you expect me to do?


#3 - Bronx Rik see #2


#4 - jranieli - see #2


#5 - shoobox I put her here in hopes of FINALLY getting that sig I want.


#6 - VG Because when I get drunk(like Im starting to rite now) I want to call him so we can whoop some ass!





See what happens Bronxrik when he sees the people recognize the man here at Sportswrath!.


Bronxrik = :freaked:

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