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Sig request.

Virginia Giant

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Hey, I'd like 1 of our fine members of our graphix team to make me a sig. I want a new Rangers sig. Size isn't important, whatever size you guys make most sigs, maybe a bit larger than my current one.


I'm gonna be rather specific, but if you don't like the idea or think you can improve upon it, please feel free to let your artistic wonders work.


Ok, I would like Mark Teixeira, Hank Blalock, and Michael Young to be on the sig (I will supply all pics, if the pics won't work, tell me because I have plenty). Basically, I want them to be as large as the sig as far us up/down. I don't know if it is possible, but I would like Ameriquest Field to be the backround. I'm gonna post 5 pics of it, use any of them you want if it's even possible.


Somewhere on the sig I would like the Phrase "The Future is Now". The Rangers colors are Red, White and Blue, so use whichever of those that shows up the best. The font is up to you, but I do like Comic Sans but that may not fit with the theme of the sig, so whatever you choose is fine. I would also like VG to be placed somewhere out of the way on the sig, preferably in the same font as I currently have VG in my current sig.


Here are the pics, again, if you don't think these pics will work, I have many more, if you don't think this idea will end with a good result, feel free to alter it.
















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