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That was me who said you look like him, and I stand by it.


I'd make a good coverage safety. I would say WR because once I have the ball in my hands I'm hard to tackle. Not so much speed as much as just hard to tackle. The problem is my nickname is stone-hands. Easiest passes bounce right off while a hard catch I'll grab.


I say coverage safety cause I'm a little guy and if VG came barreling at me the best I could do is a Sam Madison-style taking out his legs move.

Same team jerk. :brooding:

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Hey that was a compliment you ungrateful fool. You could be our Brandon Jacobs!

I meant the part about tackling me. :(




I was a town legend in back yard football, in fact my legend extanded well beyond my town. We would have bigger games where we'd pit town vs town (once we could drive) and I was really kind of a freak of nature back then. Big as a cow with surprising speed and great hands. When i think of the collisions I*'ve had running with the ball, it makes me shudder.

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