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Kiwi scandal.


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As you can see from this photo, this is the defense huddling up at training camp yesterday. A united front you say?. Pulling together now that their leader is retired. Yet look at Kiwi, looking away from the huddle,his hand nowhere close to the others. What does his body langauge suggest?. Well who cares what it suggests, I'm just going to tell you the real reason why, before Steve Serby and the New York Post decipher it.


As you can tell if you closely look through his dark visor closely, those are eyes of anger. Anger at everybody proclaiming Tuck as the New Strahan. That should have been his spot, that's why he was drafted out of BC. His speed and athleticism were going to get him to the pro bowl. Anger at management for not bringing in linebackers, forcing him to play out of position, where he has been exposed at times. Tuck gets all the sacks and the glory, dammit he was only a third rounder!!. And you can see, that there's still some lingering anger over the fact that Shockey got a nice comfortable suite at the superbowl,yet he had to stand on the field. He leg was hurting also. He was a first rounder like Shockey, it's not fair. Where's my agent?. As you can see, he clearly a troubled figure. "Where's my agent dammit?"


That picture says it all, clearly all is not well. Good job none of you saw the photo of Lorenzen eating a donut yesterday which would have added credence to the rumor that he's having problems maintaining his svelt* figure. Nas will be upset when he hears this about his man crush :o



*I don't know how to spell svelt.

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Completely false. He was looking at Spagnuolo to make sure that he had the signal correct before going into the huddle; it's a sign of leadership and responsibility. This, despite hearing that the defense improved without him.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :LMAO:

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