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Sig Image Requests


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:) lets try this again.


Sig Image Request Guidelines

1. Please provide the photo(s) you want used. Make sure the player photos are good sized because smaller lower quality photos don't look as crisp and are harder for me to work with.


2. Let me know of the text(and it's color) you want on the sig and make sure to note what needs to be emphasized.

i.e: your name, teams name, players name etc.


3. If you have a look in mind: mention the colors and be general with the description.

Good example: I want a NY Giants sig of Tiki Barber, photo in the middle, "Tiki Barber" on the left in white, "Every down back" on the right in red, my name somewhere on top in white. I'd like a Giants-blue background. The emphasis should be on both "Tiki Barber" and "Every down back".

Good example: I want a Texans sig of Reggie Bush. It should say "Reggie Bush" in blue and "A big playmaker" in big white text somewhere on the sig. I want a simple look with a red background and scribble looking text for "Reggie Bush" if possible.

Good example: I want an Angelina Jolie / Scarlett Johansson sig. Put this Angelina Jolie photo on the left, and Scarlett Johansson photo on the right. Should say both their names on it. I would like a pink theme and can you make their first names in a darker color than their last names.

Bad example: I want a Kerry Collins sig. Kerry's photo needs to have a yellow outline thats fading from bright to dark. The text needs to this particular font, in white, and with an orange glow. I also want a collage background with these photos. Make my name stand out on the top with stars outlining it.


The bad example is overly specific and leaves little room for me to be creative.


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