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Manny Delcarmen


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Lorf, what the hell is up with this guy? He's a heart-attack waiting to happen. He needs a stint in AAA to get his act together. He has phenomenal stuff, yet continues to throw everything on the fat part of the plate. I'm getting pretty tired of waiting for him to become a dominant setup man. Doesn't look like it's ever gonna happen.

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Speaking of dominant setup men is Craig Hansen still in the minors?


2 years ago he was the closer of the future, wheres he been?


Craig Hansen is Manny Delcarmen's twin brother. Not literally, of course, but you take a look at both guys career paths and they're identical. Great stuff, able to dominate minor league hitters, but can't seem to get guys out on a consistent basis in the majors.


He was just up with the big league club for a spell. Not sure if he's still on the ML roster, or if he's been sent back down.


Edit: Looks like he got sent down the same day he was called up. I know he took the loss that day, but I think he was only supposed to be up to temporarily fill a roster spot, anyway.


2nd edit: Looks like he just got called up again after today's game.

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I dunno...but they definitely have to move Delcarmen back in the bullpen rotation. Thing is, nobody has really stepped up to take that 7th inning role. Aardsma walks too many people, Timlin is still in spring training mode, Lopez is worthless, Delcarmen has faltered, and Hansen is probably our best chance now. Both outings he's given up runs but looked good while doing it. I guess we'll just have to monitor this one. Logic says Hansen will get sent back down for when Cora comes off the DL but we'll see. I hope Hansen pitches well...just because.

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So here we are, two months later, and nothing has changed with these two (Hansen and Delcarmen). Fucking losers. Our bullpen is in shambles, Lorf. There ain't a guy out there I trust with any kind of lead. If we don't get this fixed, and quick, it's gonna be all over. Sometimes all it takes is one acquisition to change the whole face of the bullpen. Theo'd better get creative fast.

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I think we best make do with what we have. Moving Justin Masterson in the bullpen should work wonders. I think the major problem is that we have no 8th inning guy anymore. Okajima is going through some woes, although he's improved a bit of late, and Timlin is past his prime and is more of a sixth or seventh inning type. Currently, Francona just tosses in whoever has the most rest between Hansen and Delcarmen. They have to stick with Delcarmen now who is no longer the "Trampoline" (as he was nicknamed for bouncing from AAA to the majors) who is still a damn good pitcher. He still has the 36 Ks in 37 innings which is a decent sign. I'm a bit more worried about Hansen who has walked 18 in 25 innings. I like the guy, I really do. He has that nasty slider and has had some damn good games for us but then he goes and walks people, loses all of it, and takes the loss. I figure if others step up, Hansen can pitch in some lower stress situations.


All in all, we gotta stick with it. There's not much else we can do except try and trade for a Fuentes or a George Sherrill. We're better off holding onto our prospects rather than getting another Gagne in my mind. The Red Sox are trying to stick with their own guys in the pen of late because of the volatility of the trade market and RPs especially.


Current rotation: Beckett, Lester, Matsuzaka, Wakefield, Buchholz

Current pen: Hansen, Delcarmen, Okajima, Papelbon, Lopez, Aardsma, Timlin


In the wings: Colon has had another setback and should take his time coming back. He should come up for a couple of weeks when Lester gets a phantom injury to keep his IP down. The Sox learned last year of the wonders that can come from a rest in the middle of the year. Masterson, meanwhile, will be back. I hope he can handle the 8th.

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