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Giants Offensive Line Article


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Excellent article. As I was reading it I was going to point out that Madison Hedgecock has become a force to help out the line, but then I see you addressed that in your closing statement.


I think our O-Line is one of the best in the league and last year was the best kept secret in football. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Giants draft and groom a left tackle and put Diehl back in the rotation as a guard and eventual backup to the new guy.


As it stands right now, the line is a very cohesive unit that has been together long enough so that there are no surprises to the other players. They work as single unit knowing exactly what their teammates are going to do. But I still suspect that Giants will be looking to upgrade wherever possible and I suspect (even expect) the Giants to draft Jeremy Zuttah (Rutgers) and start grooming him for a starting position in two or three years.


All in all....very nicely written and having the stats available makes it nice read. Good job.


And I see this is your first post so "welcome" to the board. Hope you stick around and add your insight.

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