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Strahan and Giants


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Strahan clarification


Posted by Mike Garafolo March 28, 2008 12:02PM

Categories: Off-season, Rumors


So I was just watching ESPNEWS and I heard them mention the Giants and DE Michael Strahan's agent are talking about a new contract ... according to the Newark Star-Ledger.




Guess I was too vague yesterday when I said the "lines of communication are open." What I meant is that, according to someone involved in the situation, Strahan's agent contacted the Giants this week and said, "Hey, let's talk about this." It was initial contact and didn't lead anywhere close to a resolution -- not that anybody expected it would right off the bat.


As I mentioned yesterday, Strahan is in Africa on vacation. Not sure when he's coming back, but I do know negotiations won't begin in earnest until he's on American soil. (Btw, I can't guarantee you that the Giants are expecting said "negotiations," though team president and CEO John Mara suggested at the scouting combine the team would consider renegotiating the deal.)


If you're looking to handicap this one, here's what to expect: If (make that a big fat "IF") the Giants agree to renegotiate, they'll probably want to give a one-year extension (through the 2009 season) to make it clear that they didn't just throw more money at a guy for one season. They'll probably offer somewhere in the range of $6-7 million for the upcoming season. (Remember, Justin Tuck is now averaging $6 million per season, so the team will likely understand that Strahan will not play for less than that number.)


As for Strahan, I'll say he'll be looking for something in the range of $8 million for this upcoming season. (That's salary and signing bonus combined, meaning it could be something like a two-year, $12-million deal with $4 mil on the back end; in other words, the team could defer the $4 mil he's owed this year and give him $8 mil this upcoming season.) $8 mil is what Strahan was averaging on his last deal of four years, $32 million. He's currently scheduled to earn $4 million in base salary for this season.


Seems like this one should be able to get done, but I'm sure it'll still be interesting.




On a separate (but similar) note, Ock56 posted a question on the previous entry about Osi Umenyiora, Plaxico Burress and Chris Snee possibly skipping out on the start of off-season workouts on Monday (Not minicamp, Ock. These are just optional workouts. Minicamp is mandatory.) because they want new contracts.


Well, it's true they all want new contracts -- and the Giants want to give Snee a new one becuase he's in the last year of his deal. But their possible absence on Monday has nothing to do with their contract situations. Again, these workouts are optional. Burress works out in Miami for most of the off-season and Umenyiora has been in and out the past few years. The big test will be whether or not Burress or Umenyiora show for minicamp. I wouldn't expect Burress to participate in anything this off-season because he's still rehabbing his ankle, knee and shoulder (yep, he had a slight AC joint separation -- kinda like Eli Manning's from Week 1 -- that we didn't know about until after SB42 when he walked into the locker room with an ice pack on his shoulder). But again, his presence at minicamp, not workouts, will be a true indication of where he stands on his contract issue.


Oh, and as for Snee, he was working out at the stadium earlier this week. I expect him to be there on Monday and throughout the off-season program.




I got the feeling Stra was going to be done I mean after 15 ears in this league and finaly getting his ring . Maybe he just cant walk awaywith out play out ever last little bit of football that is in his blood. I for one woul dnot want to see him pulling a John McEnroe...

The longer I played the better I was
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