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Now this one gave me the goosebumps.


I think I just cried a little all over again. I remember after the game that I could think of nothing else for a week...but over time, I eventually got back to normal. This video reminded me just how emotional the game was to me. When Plax breaks down after the game...I understand exactly why.


Thanks for sharing the vid and bringing back one of the best memories of my life!

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This one is one of my favorites. It is a little choppy. I think Bleedin is going to like this one.


Yeah....I like it alot. I think I like the previous one just a little better. It's nice to reminisce now and then....especially one of the greatest (if not THEE greatest) moments in Giants history. I hope we are competing for another superbowl in the near future (knock on wood), but I cannot possibly imagine any Giants win having the same emotional effect on me that this one did. In the past, I've always cheered and hollered after my team won a championship. This last one though, I was just in a state of shock, couldn't talk for a couple of minutes, and couldn't stop tears from rolling down my face. I don't remember any game in any sport where I couldn't help but cry. It was hugely emotional for me.

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