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Playoffs this year


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I know the Devils have hovered around the top of the Eastern Conference

all year, but I'm just concerned that they go through too many offensive

droughts even while heavily outshooting their opponents (see Montreal

Tues night), and they don't have the defense in front of Brodeur like they

used to. As dumb as it sounds, they just go through too many stretches

where they can't put the puck in the net and it's frustrating as hell. As good

as Parise has been, is he big enough and good enough to take the team

on his back? I think he's good enough, but he's not the biggest guy, Gionta

is under-achieving this year, and you never know what's up with Elias.

Guys like Langenbrunner and Madden are gonna need to really come

alive. Langenbrunner did it in '03 when he had 10 goals in the playoffs,

but they also had Stevens and Neidermayer then.

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