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This time for real - Clark signed


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Add LB Danny Clark to the roster as well

Posted by Jenny Vrentas/The Star-Ledger March 13, 2008 8:23AM


LB Danny Clark agreed to terms with the Giants late last night, according to someone familiar with Clark's visit. More information to come later.


The 30-year-old strong-side 'backer, who visited the organization yesterday, most recently played for the Texans and will provide needed depth for the Giants.


Tom Coughlin drafted Clark to the Jaguars in 2000 and, after four seasons in Jacksonville, he spent time with the Raiders, Saints and Texans. His best season as a pro was 2004, when he recorded 129 tackles in 16 starts for Oakland.




From the Star Ledger blog:


Posted by NewYorkGmen on 03/13/08 at 8:53AM

Good added depth. I didnt want to see DeOssie have to get thrwon in there. Im guessing Clark will be here for one year and DeOssie will be ready. He is a proven vets. Im guessing a 2 year 2 mil. with playing insentives.


Posted by JerseyJint on 03/13/08 at 9:00AM

Once again, Reese is flying under the radar with these signings. Not spending a lot of money and getting quality guys to fill the holes. This kind of signing does not make a lot of noise now, but next season if a frontline LB goes down, there is a quality guy ready to fill the hole. It's moves like this that help winning teams continue to win...


Posted by SFLSteven on 03/13/08 at 9:15AM

JerseyJint - couldn't have said it better than....I COMPLETELY agree. Clark is PERFECT as a addition. Hell, he's a better player at LB than Butler at Safety, yet we won a SB with Butler at S - THINK ABOUT THAT!


I'm not saying he would be an awesome starter. We should look to upgrade the unit BIGTIME through the draft. But, Reese is doing his job:


1) Getting value for the $ he spends

2) Creating competition for camp

3) Getting a character guy (he is well-liked and respected based upon my research)

4) Has tons of experience, so we don't have to worry about the mental mistakes

5) Is solid against the run, which will allow our "STARS" to shine

6) TC had the kid for four years in JAX. He knows him - strengths and weaknesses. No surprises here.


As for Carr, same thing:


1) VALUE - only cost $1M for a guy with undeniable physical talent (it was his inconsistent play - his head if you will - that has been the issue with his decisionmaking)

2) Competition - you CANNOT deny it's an upgrade to the competition

3) He doens't come with major character issues like so many of the former #1 picks that went bust

4) The jury is still out as to whether or not he can be a good backup/decent starter. For all the busts, remember, there are plenty of QB's who shined iwth the right supporting cast AND after their 5th year in the league! Steve Young, Vinny T, Brett Favre. Look, he's not in their class. I'm just saying, for $1M and 1 year, it's worth having the kid to compete for a spot

5) Has tons of experience

6) Chris Palmer knows him best. So, the staff knows what to expect, for better or worse.


Posted by srcog on 03/13/08 at 10:08AM

Reese is continuing his brilliance. He's getting some great bargains here with quality guys. Remember Carr and Clark are not expected to be starters, but they will be great depth in case of injury. We'll get our stars through the draft!


Posted by AZGFAN on 03/13/08 at 10:27AM

Good signing. If Strahan retires, probably move Kiwa to DL. That only leaves 4 linebackers. Still we need another starter. I think Wilkerson will add more speed and we are set in the middle.


Posted by Neldozer on 03/13/08 at 10:43AM

Good Signing. Gives us some competition for starting LB postition.


Posted by jerzeerj56 on 03/13/08 at 11:41AM

competition for starting LB position where? We're going to go through ANOTHER ENTIRE SEASON with a slow, SAM LB, who can't cover, playing the WIL??


Posted by jerzeerj56 on 03/13/08 at 11:43AM

waste of a roster spot. I'd rather see DeOssie or Blackburn playing out-of-position than this old-timer


Posted by thegiantfan on 03/13/08 at 12:33PM

What are you guys talking about? Right now we have Kiwanuka at SAM and Gerris Wilkerson at WIL with AP at MIKE. One of the more athletic groups around I can tell you that. Danny Clark is not coming here to start, if he by some means wins the job over Gerris than there is a reason for that but Wilkerson was a productive player in college and has shown flashes of speed needed for WIL. C'mon guys, I'm sure when Nate Clements or Leonard Davis weren't brought in last year you complained too. I think Reese proved you wrong and he'll do it again. You've gotta beleive there's a S in this draft, in the ladder rounds that the Giants are eyeing as a diamond in the rough with athletic ball skills to come in and compete for the the FS position.

Last year we had major CB issues, LB issues and LT issues.

We signed: Mike Stone, Kawika Mitchell, made a trade for Droughns with the Browns and signed Anthony Wright.

We moved: Kiwi to LB and Diehl to LT.

We won the super Bowl last season too, remember that? Relax!


Posted by srcog on 03/13/08 at 12:55PM

Old and slow???? Clark is a backup. Gerris and Kiwi are the starters and are young and fast.


I do not see Kiwi going back to DE. He was developing well at LB when he got hurt and I'm confident they will keep him there. If Strahan retires then Tuck takes his spot. We had the luxury of 3 top DE's last year but 2 young ones will suffice. We get more from Kiwi at LB than playing the 3rd DE.


Posted by jerzeerj56 on 03/13/08 at 12:58PM

Everyone please please please stop calling him Wilkerson. It's embarrassing. As a Giants fan, you should know the names of guys on the roster. His name is Gerris WILKINSON!!!!



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